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How To Choose A Bridal Makeup Artist

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Choosing an expert to help you get ready on your special day can not only be overwhelming, but can also feel impossible to know where to start. Here are our top tips to help get you going:

Where do you find a makeup artist?

Theres so many fab platforms out there to find a professional artist. However for us, Instagram tops them all and is the perfect place to get someones vibe and have a good look at their work. It's also a great platform for linking professionals. So if you find a boutique, or a photographer you like - see which makeup artists they've worked with. Also when you’ve seen results you like whether in person or via instagram ect, ask the brides who did their makeup and whether they’d recommend them.

How do you choose a makeup artist?

The first thing to do is look through their portfolio. This gives you an overall feel for their work and style, and you can see if they are suitable for what you want. Once you’re happy with the makeup artist’s work, it can be an idea to scroll through the testimonials. Next, make an enquiry and chat over email or phone to try to get a feel of what they're like as a person. It's important that your wedding day makeup artist isn't just skilled in makeup, but will also be the right fit for you to make you feel relaxed on your big day. When do you book your makeup artist?

Like all wedding suppliers, you will find that the makeup artists also get booked up in advance. Make contact as soon as you are ready to get the ball rolling and once you have a brief idea of what you like. I suggest booking your trial around 6 -2 weeks before the wedding but if you like to trial a few artists, or what to experiment more you may want to book earlier.

What kind of makeup artist do you look for?

Start by thinking about your overall bridal look, and your normal makeup habits. Are you looking for a super glam look, or something super natural? Wedding blogs and Pinterest can be good sources of inspiration for different bridal styles. Knowing what you want to achieve is really important before choosing the best person for the job, as many muas have a distinct style, which will come across when you look through their work.

Trust the professionals

If you’re thinking about using a friend or relative who isn’t a professional makeup artist , but is great at doing their own makeup, get a trial booked in as soon as you can. Someone doing makeup on their own face, in their own style, is very different to doing someone else’s especially when its under such pressure like a wedding day.

Consider your budget

Some wedding makeup artists do not openly mention their prices, like a lot of wedding vendors, or will have a minimum booking amount, or minimum number of people they work on. If you only want makeup for yourself, this may rule out some artists, although most will still oblige if you’re prepared to meet their minimum fee. Make sure that that quote includes things like travel costs, expenses or additional artists if you have a big bridal party – so that you get no surprise charges further down the line.


What information does you MUA need from you?

Before even chatting about makeup itself, be prepared with a photo that clearly shows your face and hair, how many services you'll need, which address you will be getting ready at on the wedding day, what time do you need to leave and contact information. Once this is covered it'll be all fun details about your makeup and ideas.

Makeup Trial

Most makeup artist will be able to work from inspo and chatting through ideas. Its a great idea to keep a Pinterest board of anything wedding related including some beautiful makeup and hair looks that you love so they can be recreated to suit your facial features and colouring. Most makeup artist can suggest some styles that will look incredible on you and work best from inspo pics and getting feedback during the trial.It’s a good idea to book your makeup trial and hair trial for the same day, to see how they work together. And It’s best to wear an outfit thats fairly smart with colour in a similar shade to your wedding dress. Different colours will have a different impact on your skin tone and give a different impression.

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