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What To Expect On the Morning Of Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I's the morning of your wedding day... you may have woken early, or not slept well. Have a house full, or a super quiet space. Nervous, or excited, or both! Whatever it is, this is a part of the wedding day you should LOVE! It can all come as bit by surprise, and sometimes you get a real whoosh of emotion as everything really hits you all at once.To help you plan your, here are a few things to think about to help plan for a lovely relaxed morning.

1. Choose the lightest and largest room to get ready in Natural light is the most flattering light ever and the best for makeup artists to work from. If you have the choice, choose the lightest room to get ready in or try to request the lightest room if you are getting ready at a venue or hotel.

2. Think about who will be with you My advice would be to surround yourself with the people who make you feel good. You don’t want any negativity or stress around you on your wedding morning as it can all be quite overwhelming anyway. If you just want your mum or best mate there and not all your bridesmaids, that’s fine. Remember its your day and theres ways of including your whole bridal party in the morning without it being full on while your'e having your hair and makeup done.

3. Wear something you are happy being photographed in & is easy to remove Usually I suggest something wrap-around that is loose that will look lovely in your photos incase the photographer turns up whilst we are getting ready. Avoid anything tight like bra straps or socks as you don’t want visible strap or sock lines when you put on your dress.

4. Give yourself plenty of time

It usually goes from a very calm and relaxed atmosphere with lots of "we have loads of time", to a sudden mad rush with only ten minutes left to go. You’ll want to enjoy the morning of your wedding and so I always advise to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. My hair and makeup schedules will make sure that you are done with at least 60 mins left before you need to leave. I’d then aim to get into your dress at least 30 minutes before you have to leave. It sounds super early but trust me there are always unexpected last-minute things that happen and that final hour flies by. If you are ready early it only means more pics and time to take it all in!

5. Don't go last with your hair and makeup Most brides have the expectation of having their hair and makeup done last, however I always suggest getting the majority of your hair and makeup done earlier on as you can always do a final touch up just before you get into your dress. It will actually be fresher that way, and good to let the makeup be lived in a little. This way you can ensure that if time gets the better of you then your hair and makeup will not be rushed.

6. Make a playlist Making a playlist in advance of all your favourite songs that fit your mood for the morning. Try to keep it upbeat to help with nerves. Music is essential when you are getting ready can create a lovely, happy atmosphere and making your own playlist means it will be music you actually like, and not random pre made selections from spotify.

7. Don’t forget to eat and rehydrate

Nervous tummies can be made worse by eating sugary foods, so eat a good healthy meal, and early. It can be a long day and you probably won’t get the chance to eat anything else until you sit down which will could be hours away. Also make sure you drink lots of water towards the beginning of the day, so you dont need a panic wee once you're in your dress. A few snacks to hand can be grabbed easily are always a good idea too.

8. Enjoy it

The most important one of all!

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