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Top Hair & Makeup Tips To Prepare For Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

When it comes to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day, it’s all about the ‘must knows’. Here are our best beauty tips and advice to get you prepped! ….

1. Book your Hair and Makeup team early

See booking a professional makeup artist like you would book any other of your wedding suppliers. Some makeup artists may be booked a year in advance so I recommend securing them early or approaching teams of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists like Mimi Rose London . Having makeup professionally done on your wedding day not only feels extra special,  but also provides a guarantee that it will last all day and saves a whole lot of stress when getting ready.

2. Be very clear on Hair and Makeup timings 

At Mimi Rose  we always provide our Brides with a clear outline of the timings and order of when the bride and her bridal party are getting their hair and makeup done. Because Mimi Rose is made up of myself and my lovely specialised team, it guarantees that there are enough hands for big groups without having to wake super duper premature! It means everyone will be ready to leave at the designated time with no added stress .

3. Get ready separately

If possible, I recommend having two rooms for hair and makeup in the morning. One for hair, and socialising and one for makeup and quiet time. This gives 3 great benefits…Firstly, especially if you’re getting blow-drys ( and because hair is usually before makeup), two rooms means no sweaty faces are you’ve been glammed up. Secondly, its a real nightmare for a makeup artist when the client or model in the chair is being distracted by conversations, especially on a wedding morning when its all go go go! Last (but certainly not least), having a quiet room is a really nice calm place for the bride to have some alone time in the crazy flow of it all. Alot of my brides really love having their makeup done solo and enjoy reflection and a quite pamper.

4. Avoid a fresh trim before your wedding day

The blunt ends of freshly cut hair make styling difficult, particularly if you are going for a soft textured look, and makes hair more likely to slip out of style throughout the day; so we advise not have your hair cut in the 4 weeks before your wedding.

5. Beautiful prepped Skin = Beautiful Makeup

Even if you don’t necessarily feel confident without makeup, this doesn’t mean you can’t create a great canvas for makeup. I suffered with Acne for years, and skin routine and makeup prep was what gave me a great base and was at times a saviour for my confidence! No matter what the issue, if addressed a few months in advance, the problem can be solved or minimised. Foundation will look much better and will last longer on properly hydrated, exfoliated and well-nourished skin.

6. Book your spray tan two days before the big day

If you are having a professional spray tan for your wedding day, the skin looks best on day two. Exfoliate well before your tan and never tan the night before, as the guide colour of tanning products can remain on the skin until after the second or third shower. The extra fade will make the tan more natural, and avoid an orange tinge in photos. If you want to tan on your wedding day, do the same before your trial! 

7. Know you’re a crier? Consider lash extensions!

 I love fake eyelashes for special events, but for your wedding day I would suggest eyelash extensions ( especially if its guaranteed  you’ll get  bit teary eyed on the day ). The same as strip lashes, they can be as natural or as glam as you wish! Book them in for a few days before and maybe give them a go a few months prior too! 

8. Have a Makeup Trial

Most makeup artist will be able to work from inspo and chatting through ideas. Its a great idea to keep a Pinterest board of anything wedding related including some beautiful makeup and hair looks that you love so they can be recreated to suit your facial features and colouring. Most makeup artist can suggest some styles that will look incredible on you and work best from inspo pics and getting feedback during the trial.It’s a good idea to book your makeup trial and hair trial for the same day, to see how they work together. And It’s best to wear an outfit thats fairly smart with colour in a similar shade to your wedding dress. Different colours will have a different impact on your skin tone and give a different impression.

9. Chose a makeup artist who suits you

It's important that your wedding day makeup artist isn't just skilled in makeup, but will also be the right fit for you to make you feel relaxed on your big day. Having a trial allows you to get to know your artist to see if they are right for you. Once you're happy start by thinking about your overall bridal look, and your normal makeup habits. Are you looking for a super glam look, or something super natural? Wedding blogs and Pinterest can be good sources of inspiration for different bridal styles. Knowing what you want to achieve is really important before choosing the best person for the job, as many muas have a distinct style, which will come across when you look through their work.

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